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What is our mission?

The mission of the KH Programme is to change young adults' lives, providing direct assistance for individuals in need of support. The mission is carried out by facilitating a development programme to enhance the personal aspirations, opportunities, and career prospects of committed young adults.

Why do we exist?

In the areas we operate in, low income in young adults is an issue for many. This issue, if not tackled, can lead to other long term issues. We believe many people live on the poverty line to due lack of inspiration, support, and opportunities to better themselves.

Who is the programme for?

  • Young adults who need support to progress and develop themselves.

  • Young adults who do not have the finances to access powerful and priviliged learning opportunities.

  • Young adults who would like a space to work on personal projects but do have the resources to do so. 

  • Young adults who need support with employment and career steps from CV writing to securing job opportunities

What do we do?

We support young adults aged 19- 30, who have small incomes but big goals, by aiding them with tools, knowledge, and support. We also teach key life & work skills needed to move into a new prosperous chapter of life.

What exactly does the programme offer?

Each KH Programme participant will benefit from all of the below:

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