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Top three reasons to feel good on Fridays!

Here at KnowHow Experts, we know that Friday is, undeniably, the best day of the working week.

It’s the day we dress down a little, change the radio station from Classic FM to Kiss, and clock off earlier.

The endless possibilities of the weekend are almost in sight, and all that stands between office workers across the country and sweet, sweet freedom is the day’s working itinerary.

Yellow cushions, one says "it's a good day to be happy"

Here are three things about Friday that we just love!

1. The promise of a lie in. You sit down at your desk as the clock chimes 9, and luxuriate in the knowledge that in 24 hours’ time you could be having the best, cosiest, laziest lie in of your life. And now, thanks to recent research by South Korean doctors, we can confirm that lie ins have actual measurable health benefits, too.

The study, published in the journal Sleep, found that those who had a sleep debt during the working week, but enjoyed lie ins at the weekend, had slightly but significantly lower Body Mass Index (BMI) compared to the same early weekday risers who continued to get up early at the weekend. So next time someone tries to drag you from your slumber at some unpleasantly early hour on a Saturday, you can tell them exactly where to go … back to bed!

2. A wear-what-you-want attitude. Casual Fridays, which started in the 1990s in America and have since spread, are now a common feature of many offices and workplaces. Casual Fridays offer you a chance to let your personality shine through in a workplace where maybe it sometimes feels like you are just a cog in a corporate machine. Brighter colours, jazzy patterns, maybe even a piece of quirky knitwear if you feel daring!

Remember, though, casual Fridays do not mean sloppy Fridays! Have fun with your outfit and mix it up a little, but still be the kind of competent professional person the business hired in the first place.

3. Weekend potential. Every weekend can be different, a blank canvas for all the ideas you’ve had during idle weekday moments at your desk. Are you going to take up a new hobby? Sip cocktails with friends you haven’t seen in far too long? Take in some culture at a museum, gallery, or theatre in the city? Flee the rat race for a weekend break in a cosy Airbnb in the countryside? Party the weekend away in style? Finish that book you’ve been meaning to read for weeks?

Anything is possible, and the sense of excitement and enthusiasm bubbling up as the clock ticks ever closer to the end of the working day is a special kind of spark you only get on Fridays!

In short, as much as we enjoy the work we do here, we are also very much Friday people.

And the best bit is, with the whole of the city of Birmingham at our disposal, we don’t even have to go far to find some Friday fun times!

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