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Re-up your energy this winter

Hello shorter days... longer nights... cooler air... and dreary skies - that’s right winter is back! Navigating through different seasons can be difficult at the best of times, but now we’re doing so in the midst of a Pandemic, which means it's crucial we take active steps to get through it. Mmm, well this blog is for our Early Entrepreneurs out there who don’t want to just get through it, but want to thrive and come out the other end levelledup?

It is possible to drive through stormy weather and arrive at your destination safely, without taking extra precautions, but for those with goals of success, adapting to your environment is essential... turn on your fog lights, turn down your music, accelerate those windscreen wipers. We entrepreneurs must respond to the changes in our external environment to achieve our goals. It should be the driving force for how we operate and manoeuvre. (Okay, enough puns!) The key this season is ensuring that we maintain our energy. Let's be totally and utterly prepared for all upcoming storms by re-upping our energy now. The 4 magic actions:

  1. Have conversations that carry re-upped energy

You can start by scrolling through your phone, identifying friends and relatives who always energise/uplift you when you call them. Write that list down and ensure you initiate a conversation with them all at least once this season (or as appropriate). You can even shape the conversation by bringing up topics that will make you laugh, for instance, something one of you said/did last year. This is guaranteed to make you feel re-upped. For those who have limited phone-a-friend options, you may have to invest a bit more time into our second recommendation under this heading: online research. Seek forums, groups, events that focus on empowerment, forward thinking and feeling good. Meetup Groups are perfect for this, and our Early Entrepreneurs Connect is a great place to start. Inspirational conversations are taking place at every minute of the day in the virtual world. Find out where the conversations are happening and get involved. (Friends and family may have some great suggestions). Thanks to the internet, there are so many methods to re-up your energy without having to leave the sofa - we love it!

  1. Exercise

Now, whilst this is some people’s favourite activity, a relatively large percentage of us actively avoid exercise, approximately 33% - last pun, we promise. At the time of writing this blog, all gyms are closed due to national restrictions in light of Covid, so initial recommendations to join AND regularly workout at a gym are not appropriate. Nonetheless, you should still ensure to workout, even if very light. You may consider running around the block, jogging, power walking etc. It's important that you never let the rain stop you… run in it… enjoy running in it. Can’t hack that? What about 3 minutes of exercise in your living room? That’s right, 3 minutes can re-up your energy. Try a 3 min ab blast. Or 6 x 30 second exercises (crunches, planking, star jumps, jogging on the spot, high knees, squats). Do it in the morning. It will change your day. It's an absolute guaranteed re-up.

  1. Mindset (activity to complete after reading this blog)

Take a moment out for yourself, sit back, relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and slowly count down from 10, taking your time to ask yourself the following... 9... what does my journey look like?... 8... 7... what's the point of my journey?... 6... 5... where am I going?... 4... 3... what are my whys?... 2... why am I on this journey?... 1… what will the end of this journey look like for me when I've achieved all that I set out to achieve?... Whatever comes to you, reflect on it, make a note of it, act on it the best way you see fit. Visualisation is the perfect mindset mastery tool, and can get you energised in no time.

  1. Drinking water

Under various scenarios from a very young age, we are told to “drink water, it's good for you”. Sip water during your workout, take water into an exam, the beach, that long road trip... We are great at drinking water in these moments, but sometimes fall short in other moments. Working at your desk for instance, with relatively little movement you may forget to drink or feel you're too busy. You may even be reaching for hot drinks full of caffeine and/or sugar, disregarding undiluted water altogether.

Consider this your watervention! We urge you to change your drinking habits. Reap the benefits of drinking undiluted water: improved functioning of the brain and body, enhanced physical performance, and most importantly this season, the energy re-up you need. It's a natural energy booster.

And remember, we are 60%. If ever you’re feeling dehydrated or fatigued, grab a glass of water before a cuppa or pricey sports drink.

Test #1 It has been scientifically proven that talking to water can undiluted Prior to drinking, declare aloud that you are about to drink water because you want to feel re-upped, and the water will re-up your energy. And watch this manifest into reality.

Test #2 Drink one more glass of water tomorrow than you do today. Pay attention to your energy and notice the difference.

Let us know, how you got on? XO


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