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Slay, and empower your way through this December!

Hello new bird... sleigh bells... and glistening tree tops... that’s right Christmas is a nigh! A period where so many of us seek happiness and joy. Unfortunately, the media only exposes us to one narrative about Christmas... lots of food and drinks and presents and laughter with all your friends and family.

For many people, this is just not viable. They may have poor relationships with their family, a lack of friends and a limited support network. It can feel very lonely and demotivating, which may be particularly detrimental to those of us Mindset Masters who up until this point in the year, have thrived and maintained reupped energy . Life right now doesn’t necessarily feel like its wrapped in glittery paper and bow tied.

If you’re a Mindset Masters in this position or similar, it's crucial that you’re kind to yourself, you're patient with yourself, you remain positive, motivated, productive etc. Easier said than done right? Here are some practical steps that’ll assist this process and help you to stop feeling down during this season. The 3 magic actions:

Invest some time and give back

Take some time out this season to give back and help others. You could work with a local charity helping recipients who are in need of your charitable work. The benefits of this type of work are highly researched and substantiated, most notably, it activates pleasure centres in your brain, which make you feel good! Why not chat with people you know, maybe through Meetup Groups and find out what they are doing. Can you get involved in groups or initiatives that support causes you care about? Having the power to improve the lives of others, is a privilege, and doing so, makes us feel useful and valuable. Why not treat a deserving individual (in your social bubble and in line with government social restrictions) to a delicious meal, in the days leading up to / following 25th December? This will certainly help with your low festive mood.


By taking control of your home, you are taking control of your environment - your life. This is why decluttering is considered a means of self-care. Its productive, its creative and its stress-relieving... you could take advantage of this on Christmas Day and declutter, particularly if you’re on your own. Why not declutter and then enjoy a clutter-ful plate of all your favourite foods. Give the day a different meaning. Change the narrative.

Practice gratitude

Make a list of eeeeeeeverything that you have to be grateful for. Start with the basics:

  • If you woke up with your sight, write it down.

  • If you woke up with a healthy mind, write it down.

  • If you woke up with internet connection, write it down.

Complete? Now simply go back through that list and ask yourself, “if I didn't have each of these things where would I be?” Now it’s time to thank whoever you thank:

  • Thank the universe?

  • Thank your God?

  • Thank your lucky stars?

  • Thank yourself?

It's amazing that you have those things in your life. Really take time focusing on how grateful you are for them.



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