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The Key to Levelling up this year!

We have well and truly waved goodbye to the-year-that-shall-not-be-named... and despite a bit of a sombre start, we can’t allow 2021 to be the same. It's time for us to now focus on what lies ahead. Let’s ensure that our future is fulfilling, abundant and downright remarkable. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that.

1. Consider your mean goals.

Typically, when talking about goals, we tend to consider very surface level end goals (i.e. “I want to make £5,000 more each year” and “I want to save £5,000 more each year”). However, your mean goals are deeper than this. They refer to the experiences you want to have in life, the types of people you want to have in your life, the types of contributions you want to make in the world. Spend a few moments (after reading this blog of course) asking yourself the following questions:

  • What beautiful experiences do I want to have in life? Maybe be a mother/father? Wife/husband?

  • Do I want to travel (more)? Maybe see the Northern Lights?

  • Do I want to do (more) charitable work? Maybe support an orphanage?

  • Do I want to develop any particular skills? Maybe public speaking?

  • Do I want to become a more well-read person?

  • What growth needs to happen for me to realise these goals?

When you can answer all of those questions confidently, you should reflect on why you want to achieve these goals. Maybe you want to be remembered as someone who was selfless or a great friend/ parent/ sibling. Maybe you want to see as much of the world as possible. Maybe you want to provide a particular lifestyle for your descendants. What are your motivators? They can be big or small. This will help you to develop a purpose driven action plan - easy to follow, and extremely satisfying as you cross activities off your list this year. 2. Identify how you show up in the world.

Now, the team at KH EXPERTS love being around people, and love a good ol’ chin wag. “You’re a right chatterbox” we hear all too frequently, and have heard since childhood. If you can relate to this, we’re sure you find activities where you can express yourself and talk a lot, are the most fulfilling. Not quite the speaker? Maybe people comment on your intuition? Your calming nature? The fact you’ve always got all the answers? Your impossible creativity? Your incredible listening skills?

What do people think about you? What is the feedback they give to you? How do you show up in the world? Really think about this one. Being able to answer these questions (and respond accordingly) will help you navigate through the rest of 2021 like a BOSS. It will help you to identify appropriate activities, vocations, careers, opportunities that you will thrive in – most likely aligned to your purpose. This will give you a great sense of fulfilment. Unsure or haven’t picked up on it yet? It's time to start taking stock. Every time someone gives you feedback, make a note of it (on your phone is fine). Hear what people say you offer them. #Listen

3. Seek positive energy.

Negativity. Grey. Cloud. Foggy. No good can come from this.


Positivity. Clarity. Blue skies. Sunshine. We are progressive.

Surround yourself with positive people (virtually, whilst social restrictions are in place). It's wonderful being around people who are positive. They will re-up your energy. They may give you constructive feedback, rather than criticism. They will see the best in you. You will have future-oriented conversations with them that support your ambitions. They seem to make you feel good without even trying. Tips in our blog here for those who don’t currently have positive people in their lives.

Play feel-good music. Watch a fun & positive TV show. Listen to a lively & encouraging podcast or radio show.

When you feel good, you’re in the best mood to reflect, refocus, reposition, reenergise, restructure (all of the “re’s” - really). You’re in a great place to start working towards: your goals, living in your purpose, and being truly fulfilled.

4. Take some time for download.

Similar to meditation, but for those of us who can’t remain doing the same activity for long periods of time. Source a location where you can sit in peace for 5 minutes. Set your alarm for 5 minutes and just be still. Just take this short time out to be still with your breath. This moment of reset might make you feel good, and you can reap the benefits highlighted above in “Seek positive energy”. However, as avid “downloaders”, we’ve found this to be a very useful tool for creativity. Some of our best ideas have come to us when we’ve just been doing nothing. Just allowing ideas to enter and flow through our minds. You may just get an “a-haaa” moment and realise exactly what you need to do this year to achieve fulfilment.

Let us know how you got on! XO


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