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KnowHow Experts is a dynamic solutions company specialising in Careers and Coaching. Our Infrastructure offers a bespoke approach to providing solutions for both businesses and people. No two businesses or people are the same. Our coaches and consultants are specialised in understanding your barriers and providing cost effective, productive solutions for success. We are genuinely motivated by our desire to exceed every client’s expectations

Know How Experts offer a fiercely competitive professional, all-in-one career service. Whether your career needs a boost or complete refurblishment, you truly do not need to look any further. We can help!


NIX Mindset Mastery works on the principles that we all have the ability to achieve anything our minds can conceive.

Working with a genuine passion to help people realise and live their highest potential, both personally and within their careers.


Guided meditation and Hypnotherapy is simply a way of enabling a deep form of relaxation to take place. This relaxed state allows both ‘healing’ of the subconscious mind to come to the forefront, helping us to resolve the issues that are affecting our lives negatively.

Hypnotherapy allows a ‘letting go’, or a ‘re-organising’ of old subconscious negative beliefs and emotions, in turn enabling positive beliefs and emotions to enter in their place. This facilitates healthy positive change to occur in your life. 

Hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate! 


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. We at Know How Experts specialise in the modern form of treatment. Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment.




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