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Unlock your mind, Reframe your future.


We offer an affordable and highly effective hypnotherapy service at our clinic in Edgbaston Birmingham, (and remote sessions).  We offer a range of Hypnotherapy services to help with a variety of conditions.

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Anxiety and Stress

"Anxiety and stress can overwhelm daily life. Our hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to help you gain control over your stressors, providing relaxation and coping mechanisms. Unlock a calmer, more resilient you."


Self - Esteem and Motivation

"Elevate your self-esteem and ignite motivation through our hypnotherapy. We focus on enhancing self-belief, building confidence, and unlocking your inner drive, so you can achieve your personal and professional aspirations."

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"Break free from addiction with our tailored hypnotherapy. We work to rewire addictive behaviors, cravings, and triggers in the subconscious mind, providing a path towards a life of sobriety and wellness."

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Fears and Phobias

"Conquer your fears and phobias with our specialised hypnotherapy. We work together to rewire your subconscious responses, allowing you to face and overcome your fears, leading to a more confident and fulfilling life."

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Weight Loss

"Our weight loss hypnotherapy is designed to help you make positive, lasting changes in your relationship with food and exercise. By targeting subconscious habits and triggers, we empower you to achieve and maintain a healthier weight, fostering a happier, more vibrant you."

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Public Speaking

"Overcome the fear of public speaking with our specialised hypnotherapy. We address anxiety and self-doubt, helping you gain confidence, improve communication skills, and become a more effective and confident speaker."

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""I struggled with public speaking for years (I hated leading team meetings at work). Hypnotherapy boosted my confidence and helped me deliver presentations with ease. Nicolle used timeline therapy with me, It's like a hidden superpower I never knew I had!""

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