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Get results with KH Experts Career Service 

The world of work is continuously changing!

Are you competitive in your job search techniques? 
Are you prepared for video interviews? 
Are you happy with the way your career is currently going?

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Experts in personal and professional transformation

We offer a fiercely competitive professional, all-in-one career service. Whether your career needs a boost or complete refurb, you truly do not need to look any further, we can help.

Cover Letters | CV's

We write your CV so that you get more interviews.

Consider your CV an invaluable marketing tool. Often, your CV is your first opportunity to sell yourself to recruiters and demonstrate your suitability for the role. Therefore, by investing in your CV you are investing in your career. There is no better investment than an investment in oneself!

  • FACT: When faced with a stack of job applications, employers generally take less than 20 seconds to glance over your CV and make up their mind whether to add you to the “maybe” or “no” pile.

All our writers are qualified and experts in their field. All CVs, Covering Letters and LinkedIn profiles are custom written, proofed, and checked to ensure there are no mistakes.


Interview Training

We coach you so that you can excel at your next interview.

As the saying goes, preparation is priceless! This service is for anyone who feels that nerves and anxiety can get the better of them at interviews. The moments leading up to your interview and actually sitting in that hot seat, can be quite stressful. We can help you with that! Our Interview coaching class will give you:

  • Competency-based methods for answering questions (PEC/ STAR)

  • Strong and positive body language guidance

  • Tools to deliver answers with confidence and conviction

  • Certified NLP techniques to ensure you walk into an interview with no limiting beliefs!

A coaching session is around 90 mins and can be done in our Birmingham offices, by phone or via Zoom.



Weather you're working on a budget starting your career or a professional with years of experience, we can create a package that suits your needs.

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Job Search and Application Service

Our experts will search and apply for your dream role on your behalf.

We understand that searching for and getting the job of your dream can sometimes be an arduous process. Let us take care of that for you!


Our team is made up of experts who have many years of experience in the recruitment industry and are meticulous in preparing bespoke job applications to help people get the job of their dreams. From CV reviews to cover letter amendments, our team will do everything required to ensure that your job application is relevant, stands out and gets you to the interview stage.


Our service is rare, time-saving, personalized and gets results. So, sit back and let us do the work for you.

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We provide expert advice and guidance for you to identify and achieve a fulfilling career.

Whether we are talking about progressing within your current sector, jumping into a new field, or discovering a line of work which will most fulfill you.


A Career consultation is an excellent way to assist with growth, change and achieve your career goals.

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