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KnowHow Experts Non Exec service is growing rapidly. The service is quite straightforward: we help business owners with strategy and development.


We know it can be lonely heading up a company. Consequently, we position ourselves as an experienced confidante who will support with difficult issues and be a sounding board for ideas and solutions.


Our Non Exec will bring trusted methodology and fresh idea to your business, and, of course, a return on investment. We start the process with a ‘Business Analysis’ where 1-2 of our members assess where you are now and provide solutions and recommendations as to the best direction to proceed forwards.

We will provide a full report including a full breakdown of all the areas where we can help support you and any investment required by you in order for us to work with you.


Our Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning and Direction

  • Director Level Selection and Recruitment

  • Business Growth

  • Top Team Development

  • Financial Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Client Engagement

  • Project Management


Contact one of our Consultants for more information

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