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Bitcoin: What is it and how can it benefit you?

It is likely that in recent times, you have probably heard words such as Bitcoin, altcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. Although these concepts have been around for several years now (Bitcoin itself was first introduced as a theory in a now-famous white paper back in 2008, with the first Bitcoins being mined in 2009) they have been gaining increasing mainstream traction and popular appeal in recent years and months. In fact, just this week, Bitcoin hit the headlines again when 50 Cent discovered he had inadvertently become a Bitcoin millionaire thanks to accepting the currency as payment for his 2014 album!

However, it’s not only celebrities and moguls taking an interest in Bitcoin; in fact, a surprising number of businesses now accepting Bitcoin payments alongside traditional payment methods. With every passing day and every new article, it is becoming increasingly clear that Bitcoin and other assorted cryptocurrencies are a force to be reckoned with.

Despite all the news coverage and media interest, however, explanations of what Bitcoin is and does are few and far between. There are still many, many people who do not know what Bitcoin is, what it does, or why it matters in the first place!

With this in mind, we at KnowHow Experts have put together an easy-to-understand and highly detailed seminar surrounding the cryptocurrency revolution, designed to be accessible to anyone with limited or no pre-existing knowledge of Bitcoin.

The seminars, which take place on 15th and 29th March 2018, will be delivered first hand by a highly successful Crypto Expert, meaning this really is an opportunity not to be missed! This is YOUR chance to learn from an expert in cryptocurrency the answers to questions including:

  • What is Bitcoin?

  • What is a blockchain?

  • What does mining, staking, trading, and ICO mean?

  • How can I benefit from cryptocurrency?

  • Is it difficult?

Both of these exciting sessions will be held at the Holiday Inn, Snow Hill, Birmingham, and tickets are available now! They can be purchased either through our website HERE or over on Eventbrite.

This is a truly fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge of the exciting new developments in cryptocurrency, and make some informed choices; the financial revolution has begun and this seminar will give you the tools to ensure you are not left behind.

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