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Coffee Tales: a gem of the Jewellery Quarter

In amongst the hustle and bustle of working life, it’s easy to forget to take time out and recharge your batteries.

In fact, in a city as vibrant and booming as Birmingham, it is especially easy to let the little moments of calm and reflection escape you altogether. However, research has shown that it is important to take breaks, both for your own health and for your workplace productivity.

Here at KnowHow Experts, we are very fortunate; our offices are based in the beautiful Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham where there are a whole array of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in which to grab something caffeinated or wind down during a lunch break or after a long day at work. From high end décor to cosy corners, no matter what kind of break you’re seeking, there’s something for everyone in the Jewellery Quarter.

KnowHow Experts are all about the personable, friendly side of business solutions and networking, and we love making new Birmingham friends. With this in mind, I took some time out of my regular schedule to chat to David, who, along with his wife Kathy, owns the cosy and ever-welcoming Coffee Tales on Warstone Lane. I wanted to know about the kind of experience David and Kathy want their customers to have when they come and take a break in their establishment.

David and Kathy have created a real community hub in the two years they have owned Coffee Tales. A beautiful murl in a floral design spans one wall, along with the artist’s Instagram handle. David informs me the piece was created by a local artist whom he employed at the time, and that she is also responsible for the design adorning the large backboard menu by the counter. The addition of such elegant art gives the place a cosy but homegrown feel; as David states, “it’s all about the people!” This ethos is reflected in the warm welcome each customer receives; regulars are greeted by name and everybody gets a hearty hello and a genial goodbye.

The commitment to a community spirit and celebration of all things artistic can be seen in a variety of ways. Not only does Coffee Tales showcase art from past employee (and from the junior visitors to the establishment, who can roam around and make use of the child-sized easel tucked away to one side!) but David also encourages creative endeavours among his current staff. Ranging from regularly inviting local musicians to perform on the premises to encouraging staff to get involved with the on-site baking that takes place, these little gestures prove that everyone is welcome and everyone’s skills and interests are appreciated. For David, the ambience and overall success of Coffee Tales is down to something very special and specific: “it’s all about the small things that create quality”.

Quality is hugely important to David and Kathy, and it really does show. Using produce from a local artisanal bakery, Coffee Tales’ foods are all baked and prepared in-house by the team, while both David and Kathy’s backgrounds in large coffee chains means they really know their beans when it comes to coffee!

Furthermore, a selection of delicious vegan and gluten-free options are always available at the cake counter, ensuring that all dietary requirements can be met with the tastiest morsels and no one feels left out. David is adamant that he wants everyone to have an amazing personalised experience in the shop: “ultimately, I want Coffee Tales to mean something to everyone, and be the go-to place if you want a catch up with someone”, he told me, emphasising that the name Coffee Tales is linked to the idea of every customer having a story to tell.

So, next time you find yourself in the Jewellery Quarter in need of a break, check out Coffee Tales and start your own unique story!

We are also interested in featuring other Birmingham businesses and hotspots in future, so if you're interested in being featured or working with us, please contact us through our Twitter, Facebook, or drop us an email here!

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