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The Secret to Quickly Creating Abundance!

I need to see it to believe it!

How many times have you heard someone utter those words?

There is more truth to that saying than one may think, as visualisation can be a very powerful tool in attaining what you desire.

People who play sports use this technique a lot of the time as a rule of thumb. Take for example the game of basketball. There is a famous study conducted by Dr. Biasiotto, which proved Players have improved their throw-ins simply by picturing themselves playing – hearing the sounds, feeling the ball in their hands, the follow through on the throw – down to the last detail of a real throw-in. The visualisation in the first-person perspective increased their skillset without even touching a ball!

Can you Imagine the results you could achieve if you mastered focussing the mind and visualising? Where would you start?

Joes Silver has talked of a three-scene visualisation method, whereby the current situation is brought to mind, then you imagine a solution, you visualise the end goal, there is way more detail in the technique and it is best used when facilitated. This method is promoted by the likes of Vishen Likhiani. Deepak Chopra and Joe Dispenza also advocate visualisation techniques to attain abundance quickly.

Another influential personality, Sadhguru, talks of the power of visualisation and imagination to attain what one desires. Sadhguru states that all four dimensions of who we are - physical, emotional, mental and energy dimensions – must be aligned and focussed on the end goal for a time. Once our mind is organised to work in this way, which is essentially a shift from being compulsive to a conscious state, you will attain your goals.

In the words of the self-help author Napoleon Hill… “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, one can achieve”. Muhammed Ali famously adopted this these words and repeated them throughout his clearly self-manifested and masterful career!

NIX coaching specialises in mastering the mind, offering personal coaching, helping you to achieve your personal and financial desires.


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