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15 Best Tips for Career Change Interview Preparation

By you reading this article, it's a good sign that you're on track to achieving the career of your dreams. Pulling off a career transition is never easy, but is doable, with the right preparation. The gateway to a desired new career is acing the career switch interview. This article is designed to help you prepare adequately so you can beat the competition.

Being antsy about a forthcoming interview is normal, especially a career change one. However, knowing what to expect can help calm your nerves. Such interviews usually focus more on your transferable skills, experiences, and motivation for the career switch, rather than your specific qualifications and experience in the new field. Additionally, the interviewer may be more interested in understanding how your past experiences and skills can be applied to the new role, and how you plan to continue learning and developing yourself in the new field. With this in mind, below is how to prepare.

Preparing for a Career Change Interview

1. Relax

Whatever you do, do not panic! “Will I get this job? What happens if I don’t? I’m not even trained for it! I don’t have

the requisite experience! I can’t afford to lose this opportunity!…” Don’t let the fear of failure consume you. You know that worry is the thief of time, right? Your fearful thoughts keep you stalled, making no progress towards realising the career of your dreams.

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Here are practical ways to help calm your nerves in readiness for that interview: